Diné Immersion

Grade Hours in Diné Instruction Percentage of Diné Instruction
Kindergarten to First 6 hours 100 percent
2nd 5 hours 80 percent
3rd 3 hours and 30 minutes 60 percent
4th 3 hours 50 percent
5th 2 hours and 30 minutes 40 percent
6th 2 hours 30 percent
7th to 12th 2 hours 20 percent


Navajo Language classes are set up as follows:

ELEMENTARY: K-6th: Diné Culture/Language Teacher

Teaches: Diné language and Culture in all core areas.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Diné Culture/Language Teacher

Teaches: Diné Language. Culture, History and Sociology

HIGH SCHOOL: Diné Culture/Language Teacher

Teaches: Diné Language I and II, Diné Journalism and Diné Government


Other School Wide Extra Curricular Activities and Events:

Diné Spelling Bee

Diné Culture Bowl

Annual Diné Traditional Song and Dance Festival

Native American Culture Club

  • Diné Traditional Singing and Dancing Club
  • Pow-Wow Singing and Dancing Club
  • Tsé Nitsaa Deez’1h7 Din4 Bich’eek5’
  • Tsé Nitsaa Deez’1h7 Din4 Bich’eek5’ Y1zh7

Diné Seasonal Story Telling

Diné Traditional Winter Games K4shjéé’

Monthly Cultural Presentation and Workshops for Students, Teachers and Parents

Courses for parents and teachers on Diné Language, Culture and Oral History from Diné College


Due to NCLB all Diné Culture/Language teachers are highly qualified teachers with Arizona Certification and Bilingual endorsement and also have passed the Diné Language Proficiency exam.  In addition, the Diné Studies work collaboratively with the Navajo Nation Language Culture, other entities Colleges and Universities and the local community members to enhance the school curriculum.