Food Service Staff Members
(928) 659 – 4221 – Ext. 550

Rosston Begay – Food Service
Becky Reddye – Food Service
Alvina Tom – Food Service
Charlotte Gatewood – Food Service
Allison Tallboy – Food Service

Food Services


The food service department is on an 8 menu cycle regulated from SYSCO.  (SYSCO delivers food once a week.  Pastry and bread products are ordered through Holsum Bakery Inc. and delivered once week; dairy products are delivered weekly from Monticello, UT.)

  • Traditional meal pattern followed; therefore, we have to follow the menu plan that SYSCO offers, we have no authority over what we are to serve or how we are to prepare these menus, recipes are being directed by SYSCO

RPCS operating in accordance with National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

  • Rules, regulations and policies are being set forth that the school enforces
  • Monthly reports sent to NSLP for reimbursements
    • 270 – free, reduced – 38 and denied – 78 (change might occur depending on updates)

USDA program is being utilized on certain food items

Serving Line – Breakfast: 7am – 8am; Lunch: 10:45am – 12:00pm

Take out trays are only available to students who are in detention and at the nurse’s station, no exception

Lunch / breakfast offered at $2.00 a ticket from Ernestine daily

Please notify Cynthia ahead of time if departments are going to send 10+ people to cafeteria for meals. Meal tickets from departments are acceptable for a free meal with a date and signature