• Carol Ashihi  – 928.659.4221 Ext. 202
    Elementary Parent Liaison
  • Candelaria Yazzie  – 928.659.4221 Ext. 303
    Secondary Parent Liaison
  • Valrishka Begay  – 928.659.4221 Ext. 20#
    Parent Educator
  • Andrew Sanchez  – 928.659.4221



  • 2013 Drums of Summer
  • “Collaboration-TEAMWORK”


  • 2013 Parent Orientation (2days-evening)
  • “How to have good parent-child relationship; k’e”
  • “The importance of Parent Involvement”
  • “Parent engagement is the KEY TO SUCCESS”
  • “Character Traits are important!”
  • “Requirements for Graduation”
  • “Reading is the road to SUCCESS!” -Rdg Night
  • “Need some help for preparing for College” – school counselors/principals


  • 2013 Fall Parent Conference; Assessments; data, child find, Attendance, RPCS student handbooks (policies), Behavior; Bully, NASIS requirements, Drugs
  • “Learning into the 21st Century; new and old ways”
  • “How to help your child with homework”
  • “How to Set rules and goals for your Family”
  • Invite IHS to present “Dental Hygiene”
  • “Let’s get Ready for College!” -academic counselor
  • “Math is FUN!” – Math Night
  • “Become involve with your child’s extracurricular activities/AIA requirements”-Athl. Dept.


  • Father & Son Day-Topic “Change of Voice-responsibilities, etc”
  • “Male Role Models”- Navajo Practitioner
  • “Safety Tips for Halloween”
  • “Safety Tips for Fire safety and Prevention” –Weather changes
  • “Steps for effective parenting”
  • “How to prevent teenage suicide”
  • “What does FAMILY really mean?”
  • “Domestic Violence”
  • “Teen dating”
  • “Drug Free”


  • Culture week/activities
  • Cultural topics/traditional cooking/etc..
  • Thanksgiving Program
  • “What are you Thankful for?”-Family night
  • “”Hajiinei-Navajo Emergence Story”


  • Invite IHS or school nurse to do presentation on “Good Health”
  • Christmas Program
  • Annual Survey questions for school improvement during Christmas program
  • “How to handle Holiday Stress and Blues”-IHS/DBH
  • Topic: Nutrition-School Cafeteria

January-SONG & DANCE

  • “How to cope with school work”
  • Traditional topic: Keshjei-shoe game
  • Babysitting Activities/Tips


  • “Understanding Child/Children’s needs to be a Good Role Model”
  • “How to be a good citizenship in your community”
  • “O Shi-Heart; How to prevent Diabetes” IHS
  • “Single Parents and the Child as Friend” by ADABI /IHS Mental Health
  • “Treating ALL equally” IHS/DBH


  • 2014 Spring Conference; Topics-
  • Family Spring Activities-invite athletic dept/school nurse/Comprehensive Health dept
  • “I chose to be HEALTHY” by IHS
  • “Tips for taking standardized tests”
  • “How to help your child with their standardized tests/preparation”
  • “How to process your FAFSA”
  • invite someone for NN scholarship office (Shiprock) -Requirements
  • “Science is AWESOME!”–STEM or Representatives from University of Colorado


  • “Why state assessments?”
  • “How do we read our child’s standardized tests?”


  • Mother & Daughter Day-Topic “Kinaalda; responsibilities, etc”
  • School out Activities
  • “Encourage Student to go on into college life”


by PEAC -Wbegay, AHarvey, CDavis, FLee, & Csyazzie
Parent Educational Advisory Council (PEAC)

PEAC Members:
President: Walcus Begay
Vice President: Ann L. Harvey
Secretary: Vacant
Members: Cindy Davis, Freddie Lee

  1. The Din4 Studies Program offers an explicit outreach to all parents, community and other entities for collaboration for an effective program.
  2. Din4 Studies Program and Teachers give families the opportunity to become involve with their children’s education with respect to their cultural backgrounds, beliefs, values, family structures and child rearing
  3. Din4 Studies Program and Teachers encourages and invites parents into the classrooms.
  4. Din4 Studies Program and Teachers keeps parents updated with class schedules, goals and objectives of the program.
  5. Din4 Studies Program and Teachers host Parent Nights, Conference, Workshops and Course fromDin4 College to present classroom strategies and  how to help their children.
  6. Din4 Studies Program and Teachers collaborated with parents and grandparents as consultants to do hands-on activities with students in the classroom.