The Exceptional Education Department of Rock Point Community School is committed to providing quality individualized educational services for students with special needs. Each student is precious and deserves educational opportunities that enhance growth and development. Out Program provides additional services, support, programs, specialized placements or environment to ensure that all our student’s educational needs are provided and met.


Exceptional Education Program:
Rock Point Community School provides extra services for students with disabilities to help them learn. Our program is in place to provide additional services, support, programs, specialized placements or environments to ensure that all our student’s educational need are provided for. Special education is provided to our qualifying students at no cost to the parents. Some students have special learning needs and Rock Point Community School addresses these needs through special education. Students qualifying for special education support have needs that will often require support that goes beyond what normally offered or received in the regular school/classroom setting.


Building: 421

Marikit De Perio –
Elementary ESS Teacher

Vertilda Howe  – Ext: 401

Office Specialist

Julian Holiday  –
Elementary ESS Instructional Aide

Sherianna Begay –  
Elementary ESS Instructional Aide

Shirley Begay  –
Elementary Instructional Aide

Vacant - Elementary ESS Instructional Aide

Vacant – 
Elementary Gifted and Talent Teacher

Vacant – 
Physical/ Occupational Therapy Room


Building: 480

Clorinda Sandoval  –

Office Specialist; Ext. 400

Henrietta Begay –  
Secondary ESS Instructional Aide

Vacant –  
Secondary ESS Teacher

Vacant –  
Secondary ESS Transition Advisor/ Job Coach

Jolene Wilson –  
Secondary Instructional Aide

Michael Chee – 
Secondary Instructional Aide

Vacant – 
Secondary Gifted and Talent Teacher