Graphic of Press Release


Rock Point, AZ, January 13, 2023 – The RPCS Spelling Bee Committee is delighted to announce Spelling Bee winners from January 12, 2023’s competition. The Spelling Bee is for grades 1st through 8th. The winners advance to the Agency Spelling Bee. Winners of the Agency Spelling bee move on to the Navajo Nation Spelling and then on to the National Spelling Bee Competition.

The students did an amazing job! The following 1st and 2nd place winners will be moving onto the Chinle Agency Spelling Bee on February 2, 2023 in Chinle, Arizona. 4th grade went 7 rounds and 6th grade went 11 rounds before winners were determined. Please congratulate them when you see them. They spelled words such as Lithuania, blasphemous, and mausoleum. The Committee also thanks Mr. Mond, Mr. Sanchez, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Sheldon Begay, Mr. Cruz and Mrs. Brenda Begay for assisting with the event.

1st Grade
Dylan Begay- 1st place
Krystalyn Begay- 2nd place
Aurora Lane- alternate

2nd Grade
Elileigh Yazzie- 1st place
Sierra Benally- 2nd place
Armondre Pahe- alternate

3rd Grade
Autumn Harvey- 1st place
Malaina Manygoats- 2nd place
Kalianna Ashihi- alternate

4th Grade
Carmen Tsosie- 1st place
Jace Holiday- 2nd place
Kyng Hummingbird- alternate

5th Grade
Aubrey Woody- 1st place
Taydem Thomas- 2nd place
Tia Bainbridge- alternate

6th Grade
Caleb Brown- 1st place
Gracie Sanchez- 2nd place
Ilana Enrico- alternate

7th Grade
Honovi Yazzie- 1st place
Madero Moody- 2nd place

8th Grade
Aiyana Becenti- 1st place
Savannah Lee- 2nd place
Pepper Pete- alternate