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Welcome to Rock Point Community School.

We are a K-12 day school (no longer a boarding school) serving students from neighboring communities such as Round Rock, Rough Rock, Mexican Water, and Sweetwater. About 400 students attend Rock Point and our mascot is the sacred Cougar that represent the clan group.

In 1935 a school was established and built by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) made of the red sandstone that surrounds our beautiful community which still stands on the west end of the campus. The governing board in 1972 established a contract with the BIA after the Public Law 93-638 went into effect where local communities were allowed to control their own school. As a result, the board established its own curriculum, hired its own teachers, and Dine language and culture became the focal point to establish literacy and other academic areas.

Rock Point’s geographic location holds stories of historical significance. One in particular is that this area is considered a valley of cornfields. The rock formations represent cornstalks while the deep canyons represent the vines of squash, watermelons, and cantaloupes. At RPCS, educating children is like that of corn growth, a delicate process.




Our School will be participating in the ASCD School Improvement Survey.


The ASCD School Improvement Tool will help us identify our strengths, challenges, and next steps related to school climate and culture, curriculum and instruction, leadership, assessment, staff capacity, and family and community engagement.

The ASCD School Improvement Tool includes a perception survey.


The survey period will close on 8/9/7/2018. It should take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Please copy the URL or click on the link below to begin the survey.


Hwy 191 | Rock Point, AZ 86545 | 928-659-4221
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