Welcome to Rock Point Community School. We are a K-12 day school (no longer a boarding school) serving students from neighboring communities such as Round Rock, Rough Rock, Mexican Water, and Sweetwater. About 400 students attend Rock Point and our mascot is the sacred Cougar that represent the Honágháahnii clan group. Read More…



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Serving our students and community in harmony

We strive to provide balance in education while embracing cultural values

Ólta’ Bitsisiléí

Tsé Nitsaa Deez’áhí Diné Bi’ólta’gi,

Niha’áłchiní, Diné dóó Bilagáana K’ehgo Óhoo’aahígíí,

T’áá ahxeeł t’éego yaa nitsékeesgo,

Nassgóó Keyah nináneel’áaji’

Yee át’éego Iiná bidziilii yee neilée dooleeł.

Mission Statement

Rock Point Community School will provide innovative and quality education

to strengthen each student to succeed in a global society and

maintain their Diné language and cultural uniqueness.


Ólta’ Bindii’a’

Azhé’é dóó Amá t’áá ałtsxogo áłtsé na’nitin

Ółta’í t’áá ałtso óhoo’aah yíneel’á

Bá’ólta’í t’áá ałtso dílzin

Diné t’áá ałtso baa ahééh hwiinidzin

Ó’ool’iił t’áá ałtso dílzin

Laanaanii t’áá ałtso bik’eh áhoonííł

T’áá ákwííjí óhoo’aah

Vision Statement

Every Parent The First Teacher

Every Student Capable of Learning

Every Teacher Respected

Every Individual Celebrated

Every Culture Revered

Every Dream Achieved

Every Day A Learning Day

Our Schools

Our Schools

Rocky Point Community School offers quality education at both our High School and Elementary Education facilities.

Parent Involvment

Parent Involvement

The underlying pillar of our school’s success is drawn from our community and the involvement of the parents.



Enroll your child at our school with our friendly and helpful staff



Our school enjoys a rich tradition of athletic excellence in the areas of football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball.

Dine Studies

Diné Studies

The purpose of the Din4 Studies is to instruct, inform, inspire, challenge, and support the proper cultural rearing of our Din4 children so they can be respectful to themselves, others and their environment.


Information Technology

Rock Point Community School offers the latest in information technology throughout our campus to insure each student is equipped with the right tools.