Health Office

Susie Toledo  – 928.659.4221 Ext. 223/304
K-12 Health Aide


RPCS has two Health Offices, one at the Elementary and another at the High School. One Health Aid is covering both offices. During the school year the elementary nurse office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The high school nurse office is open from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. High School students can be seen at the elementary in the morning if it’s a emergency and the same with elementary in the afternoon.
At the beginning of each school year, the school gives out Student Health Update form that is filled out by the parent(s). This form is very useful to the nurse’s office, any changes in your child(ren)’s health is very important that we need to know. Students receive medical treatment with the consent of their parent(s) that is placed in their health record. This form is also used when your child(dren) is going off campus or on a sports trip. This form is taken by the Teacher of Coach if a student should need medical treatment when they are off campus. This has your signature, consenting for medical treatment. 


We have some students that take medications and there is a form that parent(s) need to take to their child’s doctor to fill out and this gives the Health Aid the consent to give prescribed medication to your child. This form is kept in your child’s health record for the school year. K-12 Health Aid is certified to do health screenings on your child(ren) at the beginning of the school year. Hearing Screening, Vision Screening, Blood Pressure, Yaa’ screening, Height and weight check are all part of the student screenings. These screenings are reported back to the state for monitoring.

RPCS Health Office offers different health services for K-12 students. These health services are done during the school year. All of these services are scheduled for the year. Forms are available for each services offered for your consent.

Dental Sealant Program

Tsaile Dental (for 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th grade)

Vision Test

Tsaile Optometry Dept. (All Kindergarten)

On-Site Dental

Camp Verde (for K-12 AHCCCS eligible students)

Teen Clinic

Chinle IHS (for 6th-12th grade students)

Girls Health Clinic

Chinle IHS (for 6th – 12th grade girls)

Bishop Optical

Gallup or Farmington New Mexico
(Free eyeglasses are offered to K-12 students)

School Eyeglass Funding

For K-12 students based on family income

Student Health Education

IHS staff to do health education to the students

Fluoride Treatment

K-6th grade students if parent consents to this.
(This is done once a week throughout school year)

Immunization is the most important one for each child attending RPCS. Every child should be up-to-date when they enter school per State Health Department. A copy of your child’s immunization should be on record when they start school. Parent(s) can retrieve their child’s immunization at the IHS Facility.